Why Detox?

New Years Resolution

New year, new you. . .blah blah blah. Before you stop reading, I’m not here to write about the next big fad or how you’ll lose weight in 10 days.  I mean, truth be told, we all know how hard it is to motivate ourselves to break bad habits and create new ones, so I’m here to tell you WHY.   As daunting as it is to start the “new you”, we all know we have to start somewhere.  So let me share some information that can help you take the first step on your journey.

Right now, most of us are trying some sort of detox, diet or change in eating habits.  Most of us want to believe the short diet, a fast juice cleanse, or some type of calorie cutting, starvation program will work, but in reality it’s learning what foods to eat, foods to avoid and how foods can affect your body.

This is GOOD (and yummy) for you!

Grassfed beef patties over sweet potates & spinach. This is GOOD (and yummy) for you!

Did you know that our fat cells hold on to toxins in our bodies? Fat cells do this to prevent toxins getting into our vital organs. Brillant! But this means the more toxic your body, the more fat you retain. This is why detoxing is the most important component in finding a clean eating program. Any weight loss program can help you shed a few pounds, but we all know how well that works long term.  Without getting rid of the toxins we’re usually right back to where we started within months. This yo-yo effect is the main reason why we can’t keep weight off.


You have to look at food as your fuel. If you want to keep your car running well, you wouldn’t put sludge in your gas tank, right?  Why do you do that to your body? We’ve gotten so addicted to the convenience (ok, and deliciousness) of processed and sugary foods, that we have lost sight about the importance of real food. Hippocrates stated it best,


Every decision you make influences your future. Illnesses such as cancer, autoimmune disease, obesity, heart disease – they don’t appear randomly overnight. It takes time. Decades of bad eating and exposure to environmental toxins, they have an impact on our health.  When we’re rushed and tired, it’s easy to say no big deal, BUT it matters.  Let’s be PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE and learn the right way to eat clean!


Eating clean isn’t about becoming vegan or being so restrictive. It’s not about counting calories or points. It’s definitely not about eating more whole grains and fruits ( isn’t this what we were taught to eat?)!  Here is a link to a FREE video to learn about what to eat and what not to eat.  

If you need some personal support in changing your habits – I’m here to help!  


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“The 30 day challenge was delicious and easy to incorporate into my everyday lifestyle. Most of all I appreciate getting the support.” -A.M. (Working mom and wife)


Start off 2017 by focusing on your health.  Create a strong (and just as delicious) foundation for eating and set the standard for those around you.  Your families, your friends, and your children will all experience your vibrancy and will want to do the same. It took some adjustment, but now I love it and my kids do too!  



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