Our clients are constantly singing our praises. Here are a few testimonials from happy clients.

I am very pleased with the results I’ve had from Dr. Yoshioka’s treatments for my low back muscle spasms. She is the ultimate professional and I feel very lucky that I have connected with her. I carry a couple of her business cards with me and have recommended her to several friends. For such a petite lady she sure has all the strength, along with the know-how to give her clients a marvelous adjustment. Also, her teaching me several exercises—complete with photo examples of how to do them at home—have been a valuable part of my experience with her. I felt at home and comfortable from my first visit.” —Joan H., retired 
I had alignment issues as well as a shoulder injury. Dawn treated me professionally. She immediately went to work on my back and handled it straight away, quickly and efficiently. Plus exercises to strengthen my back, which helped me keep it healthy. The shoulder was a longer rehab period. A more difficult process, which she handled by using ultrasound and ART to get the shoulder back into shape. She is always professional and knowledgeable to give the best results as quickly as possible. Great work! Thanks Dawn!” —Mark B., Actor and Ski/Snowboard instructor at Virtual Snow 
As a personal trainer, the well-being of my body is critical not only for my health but for my livelihood. I demand a lot from my body, and therefore, I demand a lot from those who take care of it. In my experience, I’ve found Dr. Yoshioka a highly trained, professional, and caring chiropractor. She listens with an open mind and heart and an attention to the smallest detail. She is thorough and integrative, and I have always walked out of the office feeling better than I did when I arrived. I wholeheartedly recommend Dawn Yoshioka to anyone who seems like they might benefit from a chiropractor, my own clients included. She’s impressed me with her willingness to go the extra mile and work to insure her patients can have a pain-free life. I have benefited from her skills and am thoroughly grateful.” —Mikki D., Personal Trainer 
I have seen chiropractors for 25 years. I had a specific injury that my regular DC couldn’t fix with normal kinesiology. Dawn worked me over good with ART, and in one treatment, the numbness and tingling went away in my left arm and hand.” —Al K., CEO, HK Wealth Management 
Doctor Yoshioka is amazing! She has such a wonderful bedside manner AND really knows her stuff!  I had this thing going on with my neck that was pretty uncomfortable for weeks and with just one adjustment, it was gone! I usually hate cracking, but she did some soft tissue stuff first and really eased into it. Very highly recommended!” —Elizabeth P.
Dr. Dawn is the literally the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to many. She is AMAZING and truly knows what she is doing! I walked out of her office feeling better than I’ve felt in a long time. Go see her today!” —Scott N.
I have been seeing Dr. Dawn for just over a year for some very stubborn tendinitis in my wrist/hand. She never fails to make my wrist feel better after every appointment; I started going twice a week at the beginning, and through Dr. Dawn’s hard work, I only need to go maybe once a month/month and a half now (I have a very computer-heavy job so a once a monthly check-in works out great). Through a combination of ART, acupuncture and chiro, Dr. Dawn has taken a very holistic and thorough approach to my treatment—she’s also very knowledgeable and has a terrific bedside manner. It’s also very easy to email Jenifer in their office and make an appointment, usually just a day or two in advance if I’m feeling like I particularly need treatment that week. Highly recommended!” —Emily S.
I’ve sprained each of my ankles at least 7 times in the last 15 years. Dr.Yoshioka has been able to successfully break up some of the scar tissue in both of my ankles and give me much better flexibility and range of motion! I really like the approach that concentrates on muscles and soft tissue, and not just the joints themselves! The office is very professional, clean, neat, in a good neighborhood with surprisingly easy street parking!” —Jerome A.
Their receptionist, Jenifer, is very helpful. It always brightens my day to see her smiling face. Her cheeriness and positivity often makes me forget how much pain I am in! The office is very clean and orderly. The treatment rooms have a zen-like calm feeling, and I’ve fallen asleep more than a few times during acupuncture.” —Nari O.
Embrace Healing & Wellness is where I go when I want to take care of myself. Dr. Yoshioka is amazing, and I’ve gone there for years for both chiropractic care and acupuncture! Then every once in a while I get a massage, too! The space is warm, inviting and peaceful, and I always feel wonderful when I leave. This is “beyond” many providers I tried in the past, and I trust they know what they are doing. I totally recommend them.” —Wendy T.

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