Eating healthier means feeling better.

Did you know that 80% of your health lives in your gut? Many illnesses, chronic diseases and pain are linked to dysfunction of the digestive system. Our bodies absorb many toxins from our environment and the foods we ingest. Focusing on a clean-eating lifestyle gives you the best potential to live a healthful life.

We will educate you thru the conflicting do’s and don’ts of healthy eating and guide you on incorporating it into your daily routines. We want to help you make this a successful life-changing experience, not just another food fad or diet.



“I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Dawn Yoshioka to anyone who seems like they might benefit from a chiropractor, my own clients included.” 


Questions and answers about Nutrition Counseling

If it’s not about dieting, what is it?

Dieting rarely works. Good clean eating should be part of your lifestyle. We practice what we preach, and we want to teach you how to eat healthy and love it. Eating clean doesn’t have to be boring and bland. We have a 30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge that can help jump-start you to eating better for the rest of your life. Ask us about it!

Is what I eat affecting how I feel?

Yes. Your pain can stem from your poor nutrition…so treat your body from the inside out. Many people have digestive issues. They my not even know that food allergies can cause other symptoms like bloating, fatigue, rashes/acne, headaches, brain fog, irritability, aches/pains; the list goes on and on. Our food fuels our bodies, so the junk you put in can create an unpleasant environment inside your body. Unhealthy food can also cause inflammatory reactions, which leads to pain or other unwanted symptoms. Understanding what your body needs can be the best way to stay out of the doctor’s office and help you live a fun-filled life!

How we’ve helped clients

Some nutrition clients that have successfully shed 25 pounds or more. Here are some before-and-after photos.

weight-1 weight-2
Client A, before & after
weight-3 weight-4
Client B, before & after
weight-5 weight-6
Client C, before & after



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