Functional Medicine

Taking a macroscopic view of your system. 

Functional Medicine focuses on preventing and reversing chronic disease by looking at underlying causes. It brings us back to what healthcare was like when doctors did home visits. Functional medicine allows us to be patient-centered and gives us the time to really get to know our patients. Everything that goes on from our everyday lifestyle will affect all aspects of our health. We evaluate the ENTIRE body to get to the root cause of the problem.




“I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Dawn Yoshioka to anyone who seems like they might benefit from a chiropractor, my own clients included.” 


Questions and answers about Functional Medicine

What types of conditions do you treat?

Functional medicine optimizes good health and can help address chronic diseases, such as type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, digestive disorders (acid reflux, bloating, constipation, etc), autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s, ADHD and many more.  We also help with the prevention of these disease. Even if you’re not battling any chronic diseases and you’re looking to live a long and healthy life with all your cognitive function it’s best to start now.

So what does a Functional Medicine evaluation and treatment entail of?

You will fill out an extensive health history. It is important for us to see the whole YOU. We will also request that you get a comprehensive blood lab with me or your medical doctor, so we can see what is going on inside the body. The health history along with the blood work will help us connect the dots and determine your health status.  We will explain all your findings and create a treatment plan that can include dietary improvements, nutritional supplements, lifestyle modification (ie. exercise, work and stress management, sleep habits, etc.). You will have your “homework” assignments and then we will follow up with you weekly to start, and then monthly, and eventually quarterly or even longer stretches.

My blood labs are normal, why would this still benefit me?

Who wants to just be normal or average? We should be striving for optimal health. “Normal” ranges compares you to other average people and many times the ranges are so large. Functional lab ranges are smaller and even if your blood labs are in “normal” range it can still reveal a lot about where your body is trending. Most often, the markers in our blood doesn’t get “out of range” over night. It takes time. We want to be proactive and make healthy improvements before you get “out of range.”

How many treatments will this take?

There is no quick fix with health. To be honest, this type of treatment takes time, there is no magic pill, but the long term success will be well worth this time investment. It took you this long to get to your current health status, so you need to be patient. You only have one body, you owe it to yourself to treat your body like the temple it was intended to be.

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