6 Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

Christmas holiday stress

Can you believe it’s already December? Where has the year gone. I think I just got used to writing 2016 and now it’s almost time to ring in 2017. Yikes! Well we all know as Thanksgiving comes and goes that means it’s time to kick it up and get your holiday shopping done, help the kids finish up the year, tie up loose ends with your business and family life, setting up last minute travel plans and. . .the list just goes on and on. This is the biggest reason why I end up treating more “emergency” injuries, like a sudden onset of severe low back and neck pain and migraines. We are just overloaded with tasks and holiday parties and it drives our stress levels through the roof! Make a change this holiday season. . .CALM down! Follow these tips to help you find that holiday peace.

  1. Meditation & Deep Breathing
  2. Acupuncture & Chiropractic
  3. Make a List (not just for Santa)
  4. It’s ok to say NO
  5. Exercise
  6. You are what you eat


  1. Meditation & deep breathing
    • If you’re finding yourself feeling overwhelmed take a moment to do some deep breathing. Put one hand on your chest and one on your stomach. Close your eyes. Breath in through your nose for 7 seconds and feel your hand on your belly rise. Hold that breath for 5 seconds and then breath out through your mouth for 10 seconds. Repeat this 5 times. Meditating is even better. It’s doesn’t have to be long but it is a practice. You have to do it daily and it’s not easy but so worth it. There are so many different styles and resources online. Find the best one that fits you. Just start something today!
  2. Acupuncture & Chiropractic (of course!)
    • Acupuncture can calm your mind, lower your stress and boost your immune system. I say it’s like getting a mental massage. Having acupuncture forces you to lie down, unplug and relax. What other doctor let’s you come in and take a nap? The only side effect is that you won’t want to leave.
    • Chiropractic will help boost your immune system, relax your body and get you ready to show off your dance moves at your next holiday party.
    • Call us to schedule your appointment today!
  3. Make a List of top 6 Priorities
    • Don’t procrastinate. Get things done early. Yes you need to get a million things done. Well start with just 6. Every night before you go to bed write down the top 6 productive things you need to do tomorrow.
  4. It’s ok to say NO
    • Don’t overschedule. Yes it’s the holidays and there are MANY parties and get togethers but don’t go at the expense of your health. 
  5. Exercise
    • Just because you have more on your plate, do not dump your exercise routine. If you’re really busy then shorten it. Do something quick at home instead of driving to the gym. Grab a co-worker and go out for a walk at lunch if you have a holiday dinner planned. You have many quick options now days. There is even online yoga! 
  6. You are what you eat
    • Yes this is the time to indulge. Who can resist all the delicious meals and treats? Well as healthy as I am I do love my treats. It’s all about moderation. Don’t go on a sugar overload, which includes the yummy fancy alcoholic drinks too. This will decrease your immune system and increase your chances of getting sick. Eat healthy at home before you go out to prevent you from eating too much junk food at your next holiday party. Drink plenty of water!!!

Happy holidays!


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