Acupuncture And Herbs For Menstrual Issues

Do you dread that time of the month?

Do you feel fatigued, irritated, bloated, or having cramps so bad you’d rather stay in bed with a box of chocolate?

Well, here’s a newsflash for you ladies—menstrual cycles shouldn’t be painful and it is possible to get through them symptom-free.

More and more women are struggling with severe PMS symptoms and irregular menstrual cycles so that it is becoming the new “norm,” and popular prescription treatments are only wreaking more havoc on the body, doing more harm than good. Instead, why not let your body do its own healing with an added boost from us? Traditional Chinese Medicine can help bring your body back to a balanced state naturally. We determine a clear TCM diagnosis of what‘s going on with your body and use acupuncture and Chinese herbs to restore your health and alleviate those annoying symptoms. Most patients see results in just a few treatments and no longer have to schedule their life around Mother Nature. Come in for a consultation to see if treatment is right for you.


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