“Outspoken” chair massages

On Friday, Embrace Healing & Wellness sent four of our massage therapists to provide some much-needed TLC to the employees of Outspoken. The President of Outspoken treated his employees to an afternoon of chair massages. He consistently promotes health and wellness to his employees and truly understands that having happy and healthy employees increases their productivity. Outspoken is a messaging platform and technology company that enables businesses of all sizes to utilize mobile messaging technologies, including text, picture and video messaging and location-based services to...

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USC Davis School of Gerontology Golf Tournament Fundraiser

On Monday Dr. Carol and Chris, our massage therapist, trekked out to the Virginia Country Club in Long Beach for the 18th annual USC Davis School of Gerontology Swing for Healthy Aging, Rod Dedeaux Memorial Classic. Its purpose is to raise funds for student scholarships. The committee members that oversee the tournament are major players in the senior healthcare industry and well as major names in business, philanthropy and education. Dr. Carol and Chris were set up at the 9th hole. Chris provided chair massages for the golfers and Dr. Carol educated them with stretches and exercises to help...

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Walking In Santa Monica For A Great Cause

This past Sunday Dr. Carol and I participated in the American Heart Association Heart Walk. We started our 5K at the Santa Monica Pier and looped around the 3rd Street Promenade. We had a great time, and it was so nice to see so many supporters out there! We were also lucky that the weather was good to us,  it was a cool morning. My brother and his family joined us along with Dr. Carol’s friend and my son, Toshi. Hopefully next year we can get more of you out there to join us. Thank you to everyone who made a donation to our...

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Chiropractic For Headaches

Stress, neck and shoulder tension, poor posture and fatigue can all lead to debilitating headaches that make it hard to get through the day. In our office we use ART to release the surrounding muscle tension and break up any “knots” or adhesions. Many of these muscles attach to the neck and skull and when they get tight, they tend to pull on the bones, which can be one cause of your pain. We see dramatic results just using this technique. We also evaluate the joints to make sure they are moving correctly and may adjust or mobilize them to increase movement and realign the spine. Here are a...

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Acupuncture And Herbs For Menstrual Issues

Do you dread that time of the month? Do you feel fatigued, irritated, bloated, or having cramps so bad you’d rather stay in bed with a box of chocolate? Well, here’s a newsflash for you ladies—menstrual cycles shouldn’t be painful and it is possible to get through them symptom-free. More and more women are struggling with severe PMS symptoms and irregular menstrual cycles so that it is becoming the new “norm,” and popular prescription treatments are only wreaking more havoc on the body, doing more harm than good. Instead, why not let your body do its own healing with an added boost from us?...

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